As we near the opening of the Serre Chevalier resort, there is much hype over the new ski lift from Chantemerle to Serre Ratier in the Serre Chevalier Valley.

The cable car of Chantemerle, Serre Chevalier is part of the valley’s history and heritage and dispite many being upset to see it go, it is necessary to speed up skiiers getting to the plateau of Serre Ratier. Only the bottom section is being changed, and there will be development at the base moving the concentration away from the Serre D’Aigle towards the lift station itself.

The cable car in Serre Chevalier was openned in 1941 and was at the time the longest cable car in the world.The Serre Ratier station was destroyed by fire at the end of summer 1983 and you will notice one of the historic cabins is now on the roundabout of Saint Chaffrey at the southern entrance to the valley of Serre Chevalier.

A new cable car is going to provide access to Serre Ratier in 5 minutes in summer and winter and will be hopefully ready on December 14th when the lift system opens. 52 red cabins and 8 seats which will debit nearly 2,500 people per hour will service skiiers from Chantemerle and Villeneuve. The second section of the cable will be operational in the summer and will be remembered as historic emblem bringing walkers and bikers at the top of ” Serre Chevalier ” at 2491m. The split between cabins and chairs will help children get up for their lessons and so they will not be cold. Chairs will help bikers get up in summer.

If you are coming to Serre Chevalier this season remember ATC has scheduled and non-scheduled bus services from Turin, and Grenoble, and services other local airports.

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