You’ve booked your Briancon chalet, you’ve even organised the Turin airport transfer, and now you want to know what to bring on your summer holiday in the French Alps.

It’s always a tricky question: what clothes to bring on an Alpine holiday in the sun. With so many airlines now charging for extra luggage, we all try to pack with extra care. But what weather can those staying in a Briancon chalet expect to find when they arrive in this beautiful corner of France? And should our clients seek out their thermals or their sun hats?

The town of Briancon, one of a dozen or so towns and villages which make up the Serre Chevalier Valley, is known as much for its wonderful snowy winters as it is for its warm, sun-filled summers.
Situated at an altitude of 1850 metres above sea level, Briancon – easily accessible from Italy using our Turin airport transfer service – is actually the highest town in Europe. Its altitude means that it enjoys a year round temperate climate with more than 300 days of sunshine.
Summers in Briancon couldn’t be more perfect. The sun shines on average 11 hours per day in July, with temperatures peaking at around 30C. Rainfall is a moderate 51mm per month, with it raining on average seven days per month.

In August, temperatures are pretty much the same, rising to around 32C. Visitors to the area might also experience a slight rise in rainfall, with the average precipitation for August being 68mm.
So whilst those planning their wardrobe for a summer stay in Briancon should definitely pack their sun hat, they would be wise also to bring along something for the odd, fleeting down pour.

For more information about our Turin airport transfer service to transport you to Briancon this summer please do not hesitate to contact one of our staff.

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