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One of the final events of the Grenoble ski transfer season see’s the return of the legendary Kikaféplouf aquaslide competition to the Serre Chevalier snowpark. Normally the thought of water on the slopes would be every winter sports enthusiast’s nightmare however, now it is a source of genuine excitement and anticipation. Next weekend on Saturday […]

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The ski season may be drawing to a close however there is still plenty of snow on the mountains and lots going on in the resort to make a Serre Chevalier airport transfer worthwhile. Coming up soon from the 15th to the 19th of April, comics week will be celebrated with events each day throughout […]

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With fifteen mountain restaurants to choose from, skiers and snowboarders have plenty of options when they arrive in the valley on their Turin ski transfer. Options range from simple self-service to à la carte so you will never be short of choices once arriving on your Serre Chevalier shuttle. Prices are very reasonable compared to […]

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From the 18th to 23rd March 2013 travel to Serre Chevalier for the annual Offenbach music festival. Now in it’s 5th year the festival celebrates the life and works of Jaques Offenbach, the famed French composer, cellist and impresario of the romantic period – a must attend event during your Grenoble airport transfer. Offenbach was […]

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With more than 200 ski resorts to choose from in France alone, it’s never easy to decide which one to take the family to for an unforgettable holiday. So let us help you. We have put together five reasons why we believe the stunning resort of Serre Chevalier – which encompasses a number of villages […]

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Send us your arrival and ski resort details to find out our best available transfer options:

For resort to resort transfers & other special requests please contact us by telephone on +33 (0)6 85 68 71 31 or use where can i buy prednisone online detailing your requirements.

Thank you for your enquiry, we shall respond within 24hours.