NEW! Shuttle Bus from Turin to Montgenèvre for just €25!… Click for details

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Our final Scheduled Transfers of the winter will run tomorrow, 23/04/16, to and from Turin to Serre Chevalier and Montgenevre, but we’re open all year – 7 days a week, 24-7 – for Private Transfers, between all the usual airports and resorts.

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The Alpine Transfer Company has been providing a reliable airport transfer service for Ski Connections’ school skiing trips since 2013, safely delivering school children between the airports of Turin, Marseille and Milan and our excellent ski resort, Serre Chevalier.

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Send us your arrival and ski resort details to find out our best available transfer options:

For resort to resort transfers & other special requests please contact us by telephone on +33 (0)6 85 68 71 31 or use where can i buy prednisone online detailing your requirements.

Thank you for your enquiry, we shall respond within 24hours.