The road between Grenoble and Serre Chevalier will re-open to traffic on Saturday 17th December.

It’s great news for the Serre Chevalier Valley. The RD1091 has been closed since April 2015 after a land slide covered part of the Tunnel du Chambon, but after months of hard work and drilling – 7 days a week, which is virtually unheard of in France! – the tunnel will re-open this weekend.

Being pretty much surrounded by mountains, having the main road closed between the resort and one of France’s major airports has been a concern for many local residents and businesses (the alternative route to Grenoble, via Gap, added several hours to the journey). Our closest airport however, Turin, has seen a fair amount of Serre Chevalier traffic during the last 18 months – our cupboards are well stocked with Balsamic and Parmesan!

Although only a temporary opening of eleven weeks, we’re all very happy to be able to use the much shorter and very beautiful route via La Grave to Grenoble again this winter.

It will not only mean easier transfers from Grenoble or Lyon to Serre Chevalier, Briançon and Montgenèvre, but a shorter airport transfer in the other direction, from Turin to Les Deux Alpes and Alpe d’Huez.

The Tunnel du Chambon will be closed again on 6 March 2017 for work to resume to refine the interior aesthetics of the tunnel, such as improved lighting. Find pictures of the tunnel here and further up to date information (translated to English) here.

Talk to our friendly staff about the best transfer routes and options to reach your ski destination. If the re-opening may affect your ski transfer, or you have other questions about the traveling the through the tunnel with us this winter, please give us a call on +33 (0) 685 68 71 31.

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