Let’s face facts, Serre Chevalier is not Verbier or Kloisters and does not attract the filmstars and royalty like they do – or does it? Well only last year George Clooney was spotted on August 21st 2013 at Chez Bear in Briancon. There was even a Facebook post by him saying, “Thanks for such a perfect evening.

I can’t think of a better spot to end up”. Apparantly it’s not the first time Clooney has been in these parts either, but unfortunately there is no photographic evidence that we can find about this. Actually Chez Bear has been the temporary home to some rather wealthy clients in the past, not your Hollywood film stars, but Saudi Arabians taking a break from their oil filled deserts.

Richard Ashcroft from The Verve appeared in La Grotte sometime last winter, January I think it was, it was even during a Harper Brothers gig, so heaven knows what he thought about that! I believe that was part of a snowboard event held on the Mickey piste. The French will be happy to know that Alain Souchard was living in Serre Barbin just a few years ago.

Of course there are the skiing and sporting stars too such as Luc Alphand and the Melquiond family. Who have certainly helped to put skiing on the map. Quite often you will see Luc popping in to say hello at the Alpen in Monetier, he’s also a frequent visitor to the Café Soleil too.

Although not exactly rock stars there are some businessmen who have decided to make Serre Chevalier their favoured ski resort. Jerry Pack from Holiday Extras has had a second home in Villeneuve for some years now and this year we are expecting a visit from Graham Winn the owner of Flowercard. Graham has been a fan of skiing for many many years and since his main copywriter, bought an apartment in Chantemerle, he has wanted to come here.

There are probably tons of other people who I don’t know about visiting Serre Chevalier every year, but isn’t that the fun of it all. I was quite surprised to bump into Ronnie Corbett in Rottingdean near Brighton last week, but it would have been more fun to have met him in Serre Chevalier!